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ISTE-GM Webinar Series: Generative AI - How Deepfakes, Dall-E-2, ChatGPT and Other Creative AI Technologies are Impacting Education
In 2022, the ISTE-GM AI Explorations program added a brand new module to our online course on generative AI and its ability to create new text, art, and more. This includes technologies like deepfakes, Dall-E-2, ChatGPT. In this webinar, we're bringing this information to the full ISTE-GM community and beyond. Attendees will learn about what generative AI is; how generative AI is changing home, work and school life; how you and your students can use AI apps to create your own artifacts; and questions we need to be asking about where this technology might go next!


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Nancye Blair Black
ISTE-GM AI Explorations Project Lead @ISTE